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Walk on the Beach

What I’m loving about these kinds of events is that it's restoring me back to a more wholesome and happier version of myself. I’ve never done breathwork before, but definitely want to keep participating in these! I’ve tried several healing/spiritual type events, but this took it to a higher level where I experienced aliveness, movement, invigoration and release.

Highly recommend The Breath Collective! Chris and Anna are amazing facilitators and create a very welcoming and safe space to explore your mind, body and soul on a deeper level.

Definitely enjoyed my first experience of breathwork, what an incredible experience! Blown away with the aliveness I felt in my body, and the intense vibration and buzzing in my hands, chest and hips. Grateful for Chris and Anna who helped me stay calm and guided me through it.

Wow, what an experience. Thanks for guiding us and holding a safe space for us all, and also for bringing such great people together. So great to connect with self, community and nature all in one.

Thank you for such a special experience. I am so grateful for you holding and creating a space for me to go deeper and release.

Oh. My. Goodness... I just have to say such an enormous thank you for this experience! I pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder about 6wks ago and the pain hasn't gone away since. It's been causing me horrendous daily headaches and interrupting my sleep so I've been feeling like a zombie. Add on a load of personal life stressors at home and at work, then throw in 2hrs driving 5 days a week...and it's honestly been pretty gruelling and my mental health has taken a really hard knock. Since we left, I have been COMPLETELY pain free. I have no tension in my neck or shoulders. I have had no headache. I feel centred and calm and better equipped to face daily challenges. I cannot be more grateful to have you in my life and the growing network of friends. Can't wait for more amazing encounters going forward. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

What a journey this was. I noticed the resistance coming through me, the fears of being seen, of inviting love into my life. So many aha moments. The biggest one came as I was journaling the messages the board was giving me. I noticed the variety of colours, and my ability to express my dreams, knowing that they will come true.

I remember times in my life where I did not see colour, where I could not taste, and I certainly could not dream. I fantasised a lot trying to escape my life, but didn’t allow myself to dream as I didn’t trust myself. What a powerful experience and journey!

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